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Shattered Shell

Greed, lies and broken promises are key in bringing down a nation. When the proud members of the Shell Dweller tribe are betrayed by the Cloud Society, war erupts to determine who will hold dominion over the sea, the land and the sky. Shattered Shell is an action-adventure game challenging players to journey across the seven corners of a forbidden moutain to reach it's peak and reforge the legendary Shattered Shell.


PC, Mobile, Consoles


Action/Boss Rush



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Key Features

Modern Feel, Classic Appeal:
Boasting tight controls to make gameplay as satisfying as possible, and a look that draws from the game we all grew up with — Shattered Shell just might make you think it belongs in a Sega Genesis or SNES collection.

In-Game Reaction & Reflex Measuring:
A stat tool that allows players to measure how quickly they've blocked/countered enemy attacks. The gameplay tasks all who try to think fast and react faster, the Reaction Counter offers a way for players to track how much they're reaction time has improved over time.

New game modes become available as you progress through the main game by completing challenges and acquiring high scores.


Motohga Engines LLC, or Motohga, is a video game development studio based in New York City.
The company was founded with two relatively simple goals in mind:

1. To make games with a focus on arguably the most important element of a game — the fun.
2. To allow people to exist in a world that doesn't.

So what's a "Motohga"? The name was made using a method that sounds way too fancy for me to be comforatable saying out loud. It's called "Portmanteau" which is when parts of words are combined to make a new word, words like "spork" or "email" are portmanteau words for example. I got the idea from the company Sega(the first game I ever played was made by them), which is a combination of the words Service and Games. Now back to Motohga:
1. "Mo" (pronounched Muh) taken from Monday and Mobile.
2. "Toh" taken from the word Bateau (pronounced Buh · Toh) which were small ships.
Finally 3. I took the first two letters from the word games.


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